Tuesday, 21 April 2009


[ACQUIRED COLLECTIVE] The foundations rest safely on the continual surge of the found and reclaimed paraphernalia of past lives discarded in junk shops. Postcards, photographs, record sleeves, pages of books, albums, the list is endless and boundless.

[AIM] To breath new life into these forgotten artefacts by providing a new use… to showcase the wide ranging talents of visual artists out in the world today.

[NIT GRIT] Various objects have been acquired. They now require your artistic talents to take on a new meaning. Participants should submit their details to acquiredcollective@live.co.uk
Selected paraphernalia will then be dispatched to given addresses for work to be completed within a set time. Use them as a base, as a section, a source of inspiration to create works.
Then. Resubmit works to Acquired Collective HQ where they will reform to produce publications, exhibitions, renegade forms of artistic promotion. Treat them with respect.

PDF magazines of the reacquired revived collectives will form, grow, multiply.

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